The "to do" list

Dear Jack,

Last night I went stomping in to your room for the 30th time yelling "GO TO SLEEP".  You told me you were scared of the dark.  I rolled my eyes, and told you that there were two nightlights on, one lamp going full blast, the hall light on, your Twilight Turtle was lit up, and your mini light saber was ready for battle, Jedis aren't scared of the dark, so for god sakes just fall asleep already.

"But momma, I'm still scared.  Jedis are scared of bad guys like Darth Vader".

But buddy, I have so much on my to do list to get ready for your birthday party.  The list is a mile long.  I have a lot to do, and you need to fall the heck to sleep so that I can keep working.

I knew instantly I had hurt your feelings.

The to do list was no longer important.  I'll find some other time to finish up my chores.  I crawled in to bed with you and told you I was sorry.  We snuggled in your four foot long bed for only about two minutes before your breathing slowed and you fell fast asleep.

I laid there and watched you sleep for another 15 minutes.  Noticing how perfect your nose is, how your hair looks just like mine, but feels like your dad's.  How tightly you snuggle "GG kitty", and how only two hours after your bath, you smell nothing like soap.

I extracted myself from your bed, and quietly tiptoed out of your room.  I walked in to the kitchen and saw my to do list.  Nothing that I set out to accomplish last tonight got checked off.  Instead, I quickly added two new things and just as quickly checked them off:
  1. Be your mommy first above all
  2. In your eyes, be stronger than a Jedi and a light saber combined