Up-potting your seedlings

Remember those seedlings I planted a few weeks ago?  Yeah, they were getting super leggy and needed some more growing room.  But I'm lazy, and it took me a little too long to do it.  Let's see if these suckers survive this transplant.
Once your plants get their "true leaves" (the littlest one on this plant), they are ready for larger digs.
For this you'll need more of the seed starting mixture that you used for the seedlings.  And larger containers for the seedlings to move in to.  You can use things like yogurt containers or peat pots, or whatever the hell you can find.  And a kitchen spoon.  You'll need that too.
Optional but useful is to have a body guard on hand in case someone tries to come by and steal your seedlings.
Fill your new container with a little bit of soil.
Using your spoon, scoop the seedling out of the little cell, and deposit it in the new your new container.  Add enough soil so that the seedling is just barely above the soil line.

Put your new seed cups back under your grow lights.  Then pray.  Pray really hard that they don't die.