Covers for my dino boy

So yeah, I made that.

Jack Attack sleeps quite hot at night.  So hot in fact that the fleece Superman blanket I made him for the winter is starting to turn in to a liability as our nighttime temps creep in to the upper 40's.  Unlike our old craphole apartment, our rental house stays warm and toasty 24/7.

Homeboy needed a "summer time" quilt.  Even though it was spring.  Semanitcs!

The quilt was inspired by this style, and came together to nicely.  This was my first quilt, and I feel like I learned a lot, which is oh so helpful considering I'm currently working on one for our spare bed.

I had initially designed this to have a quilt "inner" in it, but after realizing the almost finished product was quite heavy and warm, I took the "guts" back for a refund.  The colorful fabric is two different kinds of dinosaur flannel that Jack and I picked out months and months ago. 

The white portion is an old table cloth that Troy's grandma was getting rid of.  The back is a warm and cozy light flannel that I got on sale for $7.50.  Total cost of this: about $11.

And a pound of flesh for the time.  Worth it though.  How many people get to say they can make quilts for Captain America?