Cleaning out my cell camera

Every once in awhile, my cell phone gets full of photos that need to be shared.  I did a photo dump of the ones (where Jack is actually wearing clothes) that I thought you all might enjoy.

This grumpy-looking elderly man was walking by with a sour look on his face.  On glance at Jack, and he left the produce section chuckling.
Jack has recently started setting the table.  It may not be perfect, but he is so proud to help, and I'm so proud that he cares so much!
We went to an outdoor concert last week, and a local place was selling homemade ice cream.  I almost took a chomp out of this bad boy before I remembered we're not eating gluten this month.  The lonely cone...
I got a new haircut!  Also, we have a alligator bath mat.  And dinosaur sponges stuck to our wall.  So?
This is why Seattleites prefer things "moderately" warm outside.  No one has AC!  This was my thermostat on Sunday night.
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