Happy Friday!

The forecast calls for rain later today and this whole weekend, so I spent Thursday harvesting as many ripe and almost ripe tomatoes as I could.  I was scrambling before the sun went down at 6:40 pm.  Sigh.  During June and July it's light until 10 pm.

On Monday, I also cleaned up the pumpkin patch a bit and harvested these pretty ladies. 

There are two more on the vine in various stages of ripening.  Who knows if they'll turn before the weather no longer cooperates.  Oh well, I'm pleased I got so many from such a small space.  They're organic "small sugar" from Territorial Seeds.  Read about them here.

Next weekend if time allows, I'm going to try my hand at pressure canning chunks of pumpkin for later use.  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin pancakes (just for you darling Mary) all year long?  Yes please!

I'm going to be canning some tomato soup tonight.  When I told the basket of produce the good news, let's just say someone was excited to become a delicious and nourishing soup!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!