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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Burning questions with your blogger

Good morning!  I have what I think will be a fun exercise for us.

I'm asking you to comment or email me directly with a "burning question" you might have for me.  I'll comply them all for a post next week.  Something like:

Don't you ever...
How do you...
Do you seriously...
What is up with...
Why do you...
(your question here)

As long as they don't impact my family's safety, I'll answer each one to the best of my ability!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. When will your husband finish his training? When he does do y'all plan on moving? If yes, where. Love hearing about peoples dreams or favorite cities/places to live.

  2. How do you do it all? No, seriously. HOW? Full time work, canning, housework, errands, etc. You make the rest of us look bad, lol. I'd love to know what a typical day/week looks like for you. And a photo of you looking absolutely haggard. Because then I'd feel better.

  3. First of all, move back to LA b/c I miss you. Second-what's your favorite homemade dressing/marinade and please provide examples of how it is versatile. Also, if you don't have a yard and don't like nasty smells, any advice for creating a compost pile whist living in an apartment?

  4. I found your blog because I was interested in getting my "can on"! LOL! I have only just tipped my toe in canning with just jams, apple slices/sauce, and pear sauce so far. I would love to know how many jars you use thoughout the year to have onhand to can your food to feed your family of 2 and a 1/4 (we are the same here!)? Oh, and one more...freezing you have to seal them first in a water bath or just finger tight? Sorry, that was 2 questions...oh just sue me! :)

  5. Do you ever say, screw it, I REALLY want a Big Mac? ;)

  6. Do you ever get really strange looks from family and friends when they hear about your water kefir? And what do you do with your extra grains.

  7. For your garden, I remember you having lots of tomatoes. Do you fertilize? How many plants do you have? I want to maybe can some sauce next year but my tomato growing skills apparently stink - I think I got maybe 5 all year off of 3 plants.

  8. How do you get all that canning/gardening/DIY stuff done with your little guy around? I can barely get basic housework and cooking done with my kids running around undoing things! Maybe you should add some parenting tutorials to the canning ones!

  9. Do you have any hot red headed friends who live in PA?

    1. Personally, I love this question :)

  10. How do you get Jack to eat veggies? My little boy is 2 and my "big boy" is 35 and they both have tantrums if I try to cook a vegetable with dinner or hide it in dinner.

  11. I find in order to get everything I need/want to get done I end up cutting back on sleep. How many hours a night do you actually get to sleep? What does a typical week look like? What does your week look like during canning season?

  12. For you, what is the hardest part about living frugally and eating cleanly? xoxo

  13. How do you store all your "canned" foods? How big and what is the lay out of your garden (number of what plants in what sq ft.) (wanting to start one next year and pack a lot in a small space). Have you thought of writing a book or at least compiling and organizing posts for publishing?

  14. From when you moved from LA to Washington do you have any cheap or special organizing techniques for the big move? My husband and I are planning a move from LA to Boston later this year and the packing is already making me nervous..

  15. Don't you ever fail a meal you made with your crockpot? I've put a crockpot on my list for Christmas and I'm quite nervous about putting everything in in the morning, and getting back from work to find the thing completely failed (crockpots are rare in France where I live, nobody I know has one). Needless to say I'm not confident when it comes to cooking. Ahem. So if you have advice or "places/websites to look" for recipes, that'd be great.

  16. I just found your blog, and I have to say it is quite wonderful. I am a good, clean-eating home cook, but was never taught about canning, or preserving food, and you make it seem very easy. Also, I have to say, I appreciate your humor. I am still single and hopefully by the time I am married, I will have perfected some new skills I've seen here.

    So, I guess my question is, in addition to cooking and freezing (which I already do), is canning and preserving as helpful or useful as the latter?

    Also, I am making your homemade lotion bars and Vicks shower discs for Christmas gifts!
    Best to you!

  17. What was the pin that made you famous :)


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