Dear 7th grade Sarah

Dear 7th Grade Sarah,

Please read this in its entirety and resist the urge to roll your eyes until you've finished.

Life is going to be pretty rough for you for the next few years.  I'm telling you that now so you'll have the opportunity to prepare yourself; time to toughen up and get ready.  I want to tell you a few truths so that you have some nuggets of hope to keep in your heart while you get through the living hell that is known as Junior High.
So, 7th grade Sarah, please take these things to heart.  The next few years won't be so great for you, but it's important that you look towards the future - the time after Junior High.

But...we need to talk about this:

Your hair.  I mean, come on already.  What the hell is up with that?  Your hair actually goes out of the photo frame.  You look like the chick from Dilbert.  Get that taken care of, and then we can talk about moving forward.