Introducing our newest sponsor: Thrive, by Shelf Reliance

You guys, this is such a really cool concept!

Thrive, by Shelf Reliance offers delicious shelf-stable (some up to 20 years!!!) products that are wonderful to have on hand for emergencies, natural disasters, etc.  My whole goal for stocking up our home-canned goods is that we won't be forced to rely on hand outs and FEMA assistance should zombies attack there be some sort of disaster that prevents us from getting to the grocery store.  Shelf Reliance products are like an insurance policy for your family.

Teresa, a Thrive consultant, contacted me last month about Shelf Reliance products.  I didn't know much about the company, so she sent me a few samples to try out.

Dudes.  YUM.

My family tried the creamy chicken noodle soup, assorted flavors of yogurt, and the whole fruit slices.  The soup cooked up in about 15 minutes, and Troy and I practically licked our bowls.  Jack, my yogurt connoisseur, really enjoyed each flavor.  Per my usual routine of shoving food in his mouth during church to keep him quiet, he loudly declared the fruit slices "delicious.  The BEST mommy".  And my boy knows his fruit. 

Before I introduce you to Teresa, I want to point out that there is a huge sale on Friday (Black Friday), but you can preorder now if you'd like.  Contact her (details below) and reference me.  Pimp me out!

And now, here is a note from Teresa:

All of adult life I have been a closet food hoarder.  I think that there must have been some kind of serious depression era experience that impacted my parents as they lived meagerly.  There has always been a need in mind to "be prepared" with enough food.  So as time went on and my own little family was stable I stored cases of dry goods in our garage.  I learned to garden.  A few years ago a trusted friend who watches market trends and food commodities advised me to store enough wheat to feed my family for a year which amassed a ton of wheat in our garage.  You can imagine my husband's dismay at my take over of the "cave".  But once the wheat was all packaged, sealed, and stacked I sat back a little smug and thought "OK now I am set".

Not long after I had my "stash" as I referred to my collection of food stuff,  there was a bad growing season here in the NW and my garden did not do so well.  That got me thinking about my "stash" and I realized that if I really HAD to live off the "stash".  I would be very disappointed as I did not have any of the things I really loved like broccoli, cauliflower, and pea's, not to mention my favorite asparagus.  I don't care how you try to preserve some of these items there is no way to make them taste good.   I did not have any of the fruits that I love to just eat.  Not to mention what to do about cheese and who can live without butter?

Fortunately at this time I was introduced to Shelf Reliance and their AMAZING & DELICIOUS premium freeze-dried food line of THRIVE which totally knocked my socks off.  The taste of each item is so fresh and clean.  I began researching what separated Shelf Reliance form the rest of the freeze-dried food companies. Aside from taste and appearance the difference that sealed the deal for me is that ALL of THRIVE fruits, vegetables, and grains are GMO FREE and all of the meat & diary are hormone free as well as steroid free.  For a short informative article about freeze-dried food CLICK HERE .  Well you top that with the fact that all freeze-dried food has at least a 25 year shelf life unopened, open it is good and viable for upwards of 18 months to two years.  In my book that is a winner winner chicken dinner!
Well with that it was a no brainer for me, I became a Shelf Reliance consultant.   I began using the food in my every day meal prep and much to my surprise I was saving time and money.  Time, in the fact that I was not spending as much of it chopping, cutting, cooking of food.  I was heating water and simply assembling yummy dishes for my family.  Money in the fact that I was not throwing away parts of the food that I don't use like onion ends, but I paid for them. Nothing was spoiling in the fridge either.  So yet another time saver I don't have to clean out my fridge as often from science projects.  Having THRIVE foods in my long term storage as well as my working pantry gives me great piece of mind that I will never  be without.  I love this product and use it just about every day