Meal plan for November 5th - 11th, and week in review

Good morning, and happy daylight savings day (?).  I know that we don't lose any sleep in the fall, but man oh man I feel like a grouchy Gus this morning.  I snapped at both Troy and Jack within 30 seconds of each other.

Jack has this thing where he doesn't realize he can wake up and get out of bed (no I'm not complaining.  Switching from crib to bed was a cinch for us).  So he'll yell "I'm ready to wake up now" over and over until you go in there and get him.  He was doing this at the same time Troy was saying "can I just have 45 more minutes of sleep please"?  For the record we went to bed at the same time, and he's gotten up before me probably 3 times in the last 18 months.  It's not always his fault; once I'm awake, I'm awake.  I literally can't go back to sleep.

Anyhoo, I yelled at both of them the same thing "I can't answer 1,000 questions at the same time.  Just let me put my freaking pants and glasses on for ONE SECOND".  Mother and wife of the year award over here please!

Hey, all my lovely Pennsylvania readers, or people who know people in the great xxx (I don't know what your state motto actually is, so let's say the "Cheesesteak and Liberty Bell state"?  Washington is the "Rain, apple, Starbucks, and Nirvana state".) state I'm wondering if you could help a sister out.

I have a dear friend who is looking for a new employment opportunity.  This woman is extremely talented and hard working and would be an asset to any company!  She is, a "commercial Real Estate Professional with experience in Property Management, Lease Administration and Property Accounting.  Looking for something in the Northern or Western Suburbs or Philadelphia.  Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated!"

You'd be doing yourself a favor in hiring her because she is like a magician of commercial real estate.  A ninja of property management.  If you have a possible opportunity for her, please email me directly (see "Contact Me" at the top of this post") and I'll connect you two.  If you're looking for a true gem in your company, you want this chick!

Last night I spent about 3.5 hours canning 40 pounds of Fuji apples in to apple pie slices.  If you're thinking "I bet she'll do a post on that later this week", try out for Wheel of Fortune, cause you're a great guesser!  Troy came home and helped for a little bit which was a huge treat and made the project go so much faster.  I think for future canning projects (currently I only have potatoes and pumpkins in the queue) I'll hire a helper monkey because an extra set of hands/paws does speed things up!

Enough jibber jabber, here is we'll be shoving in our food holes this week.

Monday:: Making that delicious 10 minute tilapia again!  Serving with cornbread and whatever my lovely mother-in-law provides.  Jack's soccer practice has shifted to indoor at a school and the school is literally across the street from my in-laws.  We're going to try to plan to eat there before practice most weeks.

Tuesday:: Lentil soup in the crockpot, and some sort of bread.  We'll see what I end up making.  You might be asking yourself, didn't they just have lentil soup recently?  Yes, yes we did!  It's so delicious, cheap, and easy (10-15 minutes of prep tops) that it makes many appearances during my fall and winter menus.  Troy loves it, but still refers to it as "fart soup".  We'll serve it with fruit.

Wednesday:: Dinner at the in-laws.

Thursday:: We get to go have dinner at my parent's!  I'm bringing lasagna with homemade ricotta, salad (that is a guess cause my parent's always have a Costco clamshell of organic spinach in their fridge), and some sort of fruit.  Fresh or home canned, we'll have something.

Friday:: Popcorn for dinner!

Saturday:: Chicken Kiev that didn't get made last night.  Troy ended up having to work, and I'll be damned if I was going to slave over a dish just for Jack to say "what's that green thing".  We ended up making a quick whole wheat pizza dough, and I cooked it for 5 minutes, then spread it with a butter, olive oil, and garlic mixture and topped with a little mozzarella cheese, and baked for about 7.

Sunday:: family dinner at my parent's.

This week I spent $15.50 at the local farm for three half gallons of milk (2 of those are for the ricotta) and two dozen eggs, and $28 at the grocery store mostly for fruit, veg, and a few incidentals.

How about you, what is on the menu for your family?