Thankful me

Thanksgiving - also know as "Thursday" to anyone other than my American readers - is the day we're supposed to say what we're thankful for, etc.

However, I'm thankful each and every day for the gifts in my life.  My health, my family, my friends, and you knuckleheads.

Life is not all about money, but my blog focuses on it a bit.  I wanted to say a giant thank you to anyone who has purchased something I've recommended from Amazon, or were interested in a product, and clicked on my ads.  We've been hemorrhaging money since February because Troy was at the fire academy (unpaid) for three months, and then only working part-time after that waiting for his full-time position to open back up. And some months those contributions that you might deem little, made all of the difference for my family.

We've had a streak of good luck in the last week, and some day I'll tell you about it, but today I'm just wanting to say thank you and hope that you are all spending time with people you love, and people who love you back.

And to anyone who is going out for Black Friday, godspeed and good luck.  I'll be staying home baking bread and working on Jack's Superhero and Star Wars Christmas quilt (I know what you're picturing in your mind.  Now multiply that by 1 bajillion, add infinity.  Plus one.  And that is what his quilt will look like).  I'd rather get a pap smear from Edward Scissorshands, than to venture out in that cluster (bleep).

From my family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!