Another fun giveaway!

If you remember a giveaway I did from Asspocket Productions last summer, and were bummed that you didn't win, you have another chance!

Stacey has another Etsy shop for stamps - this one focusing on all things sock monkeys.  Can you even freaking imagine?  Well, you don't have to any more; check out Red Heel Revue.  When she sent me the link, I couldn't even handle the cuteness.

These stamps come in a flat sheet so that you can mount them as you wish.  That's what she said, right?  They're so flat that they can be stored in a CD case. They're so flat, you'd think they were my boobs.

I was sent this stamp set, and we put it to good use within a day.

Troy was wrapping Christmas presents and we didn't have any gift tags.  Well...we did, but they were dirty santa gift tags, and we agreed that they weren't so appropriate for Jack's presents.  You know, cause we're parents of the year like that.

Anyhoo, Troy used the "To: and From:" stamp from this set, and the presents are currently sitting under our tree look adorable!

Want your own?  Um, of course you do!  Go to Stacey's website and simply leave a comment saying which set you're coveting.  That is your "entry" to this giveaway!  Please leave an email or a link to your own blog so that I can contact you if you're a winner!  And as if Stacey wasn't already supah cool, she is opening this giveaway to anyone, anywhere in the world.  How awesome is that??

Giveaway will be open through Thursday the 27th at 7 pm PT.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!