DIY roman shades from mini blinds

You've heard me talk about how gross the last tenants were in our current rental.  It was pure nastiness up in here when we took over.  One of the things they left, were filthy window coverings - broken mini blinds, and spaghetti sauce all over some other blinds.

Truly lovely people.

The mini blinds behind our kitchen sink were broken, and nasty.  I've tried fixing them, and cleaning them, but there was no rescuing these things.

That is where these instructions from Little Green Notebook came in.  I took the mini blinds from this:

To this, in an evening.  New Years Eve was a wild and crazy night in my house, let me tell you!
To the left, you'll see my awesome knife bar I got for Christmas.  to the bottom, you'll see the lovely backsplash Troy put in for $100 before we moved in.  to the right, you'll see the crazy duck towel holder my mom installed and I used to make fun of constantly when I was younger.  I freaking love how kitschy it is now.
 An up close shot of the fabric.

I couldn't love this fabric any more if I tried.  I wanted to something fun, bright, busy, and patterned so that if we splashed it with water or something while washing dishes, it wouldn't be super obvious.

I used Liquid Stitch from the fabric store.  I also covered the back with the same fabric, so that it looks like a plain curtain from the outside when the shades are down.  After years of having to look at the ass side of broken blinds, I figure I owed our neighbors a pretty view!
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