F.A.R.T.S. Month 3

What are F.A.R.T.S?

F.A.R.T.S are small quiet actions (silent, but effective.  One might say deadly...) you can take toward a smaller footprint on our lovely earth, but don't cost you an arm and/or a leg to achieve.  Previous F.A.R.T.S can be found here and here.

This month's F.A.R.T.S can tie in well to New Years resolutions if you make them.  I don't, but I do like to set goals for myself.  So, here is my new challenge for you this month: learn a new household skill that can help you on a path to being more self-sufficient.

That's it.

You get to define what that skill is.  It doesn't have to be something crazy hard like "spin wool", "grow all my own wheat", or "rewire all the circuits in my house to solar panels".  We're making baby steps here - not giant leaps.  If there is anything I've learned, the more balls to the wall I go, the harder I crash.

And the more my balls hurt.

Last year, I wanted to improve my sewing skills.  I didn't say "I will be on Project Runway by December 2012", I just said "improve".  And you know what?  I have!  I've made lots of fun and useful projects for friends, family, and myself.  I do it because it gives me decorating options, and feeds a sense of creativity that makes me happy.

Except this piece of crap Kindle case I made for my friend Anne for Christmas.  It was so awful that I sent it to her anyway to give her a laugh.  It was that horrible.  It looked like something Jack made at preschool.

So, you in? Remember the directions?  Learn a new useful skill that also brings you joy.  Simple.

For me, my goal this year is to learn to make soap.  I'm going to do it my friends - just you wait!

A few ideas for you, if you're interested:
What are your ideas?