Major shout out to Les Schwab Tires

For those of you not lucky enough to live in the Northwest, you probably don't know about Les Schwab Tires.  Les Schwab is a regional tire chain that is famous for offering "free beef" during certain times of the year if you purchase new tires. 

My family has always done business with Les Schwab because they have outstanding customer service, and they stand behind their work - even when it costs them money.  During the first day that the state of Washington allows for snow tires to be put on cars, the line out of Les Schwab is huge.  Oh, and if you purchased your tires from them, they're putting those snow tires on for free.  By the end of the day, they all look exhausted, but they are still smiling.  The employees are always cheerful, patient, and busy popping free popcorn for customers. 

When I purchased my car in May, it came with decent tires that would last for at least another few years.  My dad found a set of used snow tires for me, and we've been storing them until winter.

Tuesday, Troy took my car in to have the snow tires put on.  The snow tires required different lug nuts than were on my normal tires.  Each tire had 5 lug nuts, and new ones would be $3 a pop.

$60 may not be a lot to a big company like Les Schwab, but when I just received a $3,192 health care bill for Jack's sleep study, you can bet it would have felt like a lot to me.

Well, Troy went up to pay, and not only did they not charge us for the tire change over (we didn't even buy the snow tires from them), but they comped us the lug nuts.

How do you get big and successful?  Well, you treat your loyal customers like they treated us.  They didn't know I have a blog and would praise the ever loving crap out of them for it.  They just did it because they saw an opportunity to reward someone for returning to their store time and time again.

I want to give them a giant shout out and thank them so much for their kindness.  They may never miss that $60, but it truly meant so much to us.

PS, before you can ask it, yes I'm going to be emailing the company a thank you!