And so it begins...

Friday night, Jack spent the night at my in-laws, and Troy and I went out to a simple dinner, and then to the movies.  I gave Troy three options (two action movies, cause I'm a dude, and a comedy) and he picked Djano Unchained.

Good lord, I don't mind violent movies, but this one made me hide my eyes a few times.  However, it was also a great story, and we both enjoyed it.

ANYWAY, Saturday morning, I was awake with the sun (f you, internal alarm clock), and went outside to get my garden on while Troy remained asleep (until cough10:15cough).  I continued to work on removing the root ball from some of the bushes that I cut down last week to clear the way for more blueberry bushes.  That mo'fo is going to take forever.  I'm tempted to tie a rope to Jack, feed him some straight sugar, and tie the other end of the rope around the bushes, and yell "run".

After hacking away at the root ball for awhile, I got distracted by something shiny, and went off to work on other easier more pertinent gardening projects.  I trimmed up some bushes, I cut back the lavender plants, and pulled a few weeks.  I mowed the lawn, and transplanted the mini-drawf apple tree that I planted last year.  It needed to move because it is on the side of the house that will be going through some changes this year.  Stay tuned for more...

When pulling weeds, I compared this February to last year, and am now a convert to putting down thick layers of straw for mulch.  I still have weeds, but they're easy to pull, and don't create a weed carpet.  Additionally, thanks to their cozy winter blanket, my garlic is now twice the size that they were at this time last year.

I also placed our seed order from Territorial Seeds for the year.  I am splitting most of the seeds with a friend from high school, which will help defray the cost.  I still have many tomato seeds from last year.

Here is what is one my list for this year (I'm also using almost all of the tomatoes from last year):

Nero Di Toscana Kale
Guardsman green onions
Copra Storage Onion
Cascadia Snap Pea
Sugar Sprint Snap Pea
Super Sugar Snap
Dakota Shelling Pea
Rio Grande Potatoes
Gill's All-Purpose tomatoes
Ranger Tomatoes
Borage (flowers for bees)
Profumo Basil
Santo Coriander (Cilantro)
Fernleaf dill
Dial Seed Sower
Double Yield Cucumber
Homemade Pickles Cucumber
Yaya Carrots

The seed sower thing seems well worth the $8 I'm paying for it.  You should watch me planting carrot, spinach, and lettuce seeds.  It goes from "one here, and one there" to "oh fuck it, I'm just going to broadcast them" in about 45 seconds.

Patience is a virtue that I have not yet learned.  I'll scream at a microwave to hurry up.  Ahem.

I'm excited for the order to get here, and I'm cautiously excited to get back to growing.  Part of me thinks that I haven't been in the garden in years, and another part of me thinks "again?  Already?  Oy".
Very soon the floor of my dining room will once again resemble a half-ass grow operation.
What are you growing this year?  Are you excited,  overwhelmed, or just whelmed"?

I am not an affiliate of Territorial Seeds, but the evil overloads of Google Ad Sense will likely pick up on the name in this post and insert a Territorial Seed ad.  I will not earn a dime from Territorial if you purchase any of the seeds I've linked.  I may earn a tiny percentage if you click on the Google ad.