introducing our newest sponsor - The Homegrown Collective

Some time last fall, Mitchell from The Homegrown Collective contacted me about potential sponsorship opportunities.  We both got busy with the holidays and stuff, but kept in touch about his company and my interest in it.

For full disclosure, after I got his first email, I went to his website and viewed the November box which was all about fungi.  I responded to his email along the lines of "I love the idea of the company, but I hate mushrooms with the fire of a thousand suns".  Thankfully, he was patient with me and explained that each month it is a different theme.

I should go in to marketing or something, yes?

I asked Mitchell a few questions so that you guys can get to know him and his awesome company!  Also, side note, you know how Google allows you to upload a profile photo?  Every time Mitchell sends me an email, I always tell Troy "dude, this guy is really handsome"! 

Tell us about your company.
The Homegrown Collective is dedicated to providing our members with products that foster self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability. It is made up of a community of Members from across the country and we are growing each day.

What motivated you to start Homegrown Collective?  
We had trouble finding a trusted source that not only vetted green and sustainable vendors, artisans and small businesses but also made them accessible. We felt that the "sustainable" consumer goods landscape was so disparate, confusing and a little bit intimidating for the "green-curious". There was a void that we needed to fill. If we could provide a road map, some direction and a community to go to for questions to be answered and stories to be shared we could solve some of those issues and provide a great experience that was comfortable, educational and fun!

What has been your best moment since starting Homegrown Collective

We just sent out our February box: "Homegrown remedies and cure-alls" the timing was right because the country was gripped by both cold and flu - the emails I received from our Members were amazing. They were so grateful because they were not getting sick! In one case I was told of a mild cold that was caught, treated with the tincutres and Oregano oil and that cold went away as quickly as it came. It felt REALLY good to know that people were actually being empowered, with a few extra tools, to take a hold of their well being and in this case make a real difference in people's lives. We strive to do that each month and with every GREENBOX that goes out to our Members.

Mitchell sent me a sample of the current box, and it is awesome!  I opened it up to find all kinds of healing goodies, as well as a very clever user-manual.
Forgive the dirt on the pamphlet.  I spilled the aloe plant everywhere because I apparently am entirely made of thumbs.

Part of my plan this year for the garden is to increase my "medicinals", and I'm stoked about the seeds that came in this box!

Not only is Mitchell's company pretty darn cool, but they back their products with a 100% guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with the box, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked!

Check out Homegrown Collective for yourself!  Tell Mitchell that Sarah sent you.  Also, tell him he's pretty adorable.

Updated: Mitchell is offering 10% off to Beingfrugalbychoice readers.  Enter this coupon code: G9C255B0019K9 to receive your discount.  Money back guarantee still included!

Disclosure: Homegrown Collective is now a sponsor of my blog.  The box I received was complimentary, but the opinions of it are entirely my own.