Introducing Tadpole Togs

Morning all!  I'd love for you to meet our newest sponsor, Kelly over at Tadpole Togs.  By way of a "meet and greet", I've ask Kelly to let you guys get to know her a little bit better.

Tell us about your company
Tadpole Togs provides handmade, crocheted clothes and toys for little ones. Our style is eclectic, but I believe that no matter what, our products should be easy to care for, stand up to abuse, and made to last. I want people to feel good about giving my items to their children, and hopefully passing them down when they are done.

What motivated you to start Tadpole Togs?
I actually started Tadpole Togs to fill a need in my own family. After my grandmother passed, there was no one to make the clothes and toys she used to make for everyone's children. All you had to do was tell Nan someone was having a baby, and in a couple of days you had a beautiful gift! I decided to do what I could to fill her shoes. And then I figured, why not share this with other families as well?

What has been your best moment since starting Tadpole Togs?
It's early days yet, but my best moment so far has been when my mother told me how proud my grandmother would be of me. It will be hard to top that one!

Please take a second to visit Kelly over at Etsy!