Super Fudge

There are a limited few treats like that on the market that aren’t loaded with preservatives and sketchy ingredients.   Super Fudge is something I can feel good about eating, and giving to my kiddo.  Any myself.  Because let's be honest, I'm actually going to be the one eating the majority of these.

This recipe was given to me by a coworker.  It’s something that her family has been making for so many years, that the origin is unknown.  I’ve adapted it a little bit to my family’s taste.   Whomever this originally came from, I thank them each and every time I take a delicious bite!

Super Fudge
1 cup honey
1 cup peanut butter
½ cup sesame seeds, toasted*
½ cup chia seeds*
1 cup raw sunflower seeds
½ cup cocoa powder
½ cup shredded, unsweetened coconut
12 dates, pitted and chopped
*Chia seeds are similar in nutritional content to flax seeds, but don’t need to be ground to release the nutrients.  They have no flavor, but make a great addition to baked goods, smoothies, and treats such as these.  You can find them in many grocery stores (check the bulk spice or tea section if your market has one), and online.
Sesame seeds are also very economical if purchased in the bulk foods section or an Asian market.
1) In a pot over medium heat, mix honey and peanut butter until melted and combined.

2) In a skillet, over medium heat, toast the sesame seeds, stirring constantly.  It only takes a few minutes, and they're toasted when you can smell the sesame.
About 10 seconds away from being perfect
3) Add the sesame and chia seeds, coconut, dates, cocoa powder, and sunflower seeds to the warmed honey and peanut butter.  Stir to combine.

4) Very lightly butter a 9x9 square glass baking dish, and pour the mixture in, pressing it to flatten.  Refrigerate for about an hour to harden.  Cut in to small 1x1 squares.  This fudge is very rich, and you won't need large servings to fill you up.  That's what she said.

You can technically store these at room temperature, but they'll get a little squishy. They're best stored in the fridge.
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