Introducing ApotheCaring - Nature at its Best

I was contacted recently by Angie of ApotheCaring wondering if I wanted to try a few samples of their tea.

Tea is one of my favorite things to drink; iced tea with my breakfast, a mug of hot tea in the car on the way to work, and a cup at work most days.  I love to stay hydrated, and tea is one of the tastiest ways to do it.  It's also healthy and all the crap, but if I don't like the taste, I can't get any of the benefits from it, now can I?

Angie sent me a sampling of teas to try out
It came in this adorable cloth bag!
Soothing Tummy Tea, Fairy tea (relaxing blend), Early Grey, Roobios Mint, and Sleep Well tea.

All of them were delicious, but hands down, the Sleep Well tea was my favorite.  I've been an insomniac my whole life, and have tried all kinds of things to pass out make me sleep.  I used to have a prescription for Ambien.  I've previously purchased huge bottles of Tylenol PM and Target brand Unisom.

The Sleep Well tea had the excellent calming effect of the Target brand Unisom, but without the "hang over" effect of Tylenol PM.  It made me be able to drift off to sleep, but didn't make me feel like I might accidentally send out an email to the entire Los Angeles office of my former company at 2 am typing gibberish, like the Ambien.  Hypothetically speaking.

And in addition to helping me sleep well, it tasted freakin' delicious.

Let's meet the genius behind this blend!

Angie Adams currently living in Stoneham Massachusetts, spent most of her life in New York. Residing in Queens during her childhood, then Nassau County as an adult, Angie moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1995. This is where her love for natural healing blossomed. A state that is so open to all types of healing, the biggest focus was herbs. Angie explored the dessert, mountains and small towns
of Arizona. She found a garlic/herb farm right in Phoenix and did a year-long apprenticeship with them. That’s where her love of herbs took over!

Angie couldn’t get enough! Being drawn to the Native American culture since she was a child, she embraced the opportunity to visit the reservations and learn as much as she could on her visits. By 2005 Angie headed back to the east coast, this time settling in New England where her two daughters live. And her family grew, 4 grandchildren! Life is good!

During these years Angie studied with Rosemary Gladstar, completed a 10 month herbal course at Artemisia Botanicals in Salem, MA. and recently completed an on-line course with Karta Purkh Khalsa (president American Herbalists Guild).

In 2011 Angie Adams opened her own herbal business, ApotheCaring. She creates her own tea blends for health and wellness. Selling at some fairs and farmers markets brought her teas to the attention of local shops and she now wholesales to various stores. Her teas can also be purchased on her website,
Head over to Apothecaring, and tell Angie that Sarah sent you!