Winner of the Homegrown Collective Kombucha box

The lucky ducky winner of the Homegrown Collective Kombucha box is:

misstishyApril 3, 2013 at 4:15 PM
Super excited about this give a way!
Best movie: It depends on what I'm in the mood for... Jayne Eyre (BBC with Ruth Wilson) or Hairspray (with Ricky Lake & Divine)
Worst movie: Human Nature.... horror movies should NOT be BORING. Just sayin.
Guilty pleasure: Monty Python The Holy Grail

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Congrats! Tishy, you didn't leave an email address, so please contact me within two business days (9 pm PT on Wednesday) to claim your prize, or I'll need to redraw.  Thanks!

If you didn't win, but were still interested in owning the set for yourself, check out Homegrown Collective

PS, I was dismayed to see that some of your least favorite movies are my favorites, but I think we can all still love each other none the less.

And also, I've been cracking up at Jennifer's comment about Pretty Woman ever since I read it last week:
The best movie I have seen is Pretty Woman, Funny thing is that I used to watched it day in and day out at my grandmothers house when I was in elementary school...yes you read right. And until I came across it on t.v recently (I'm 25 now) and watched it I had NEVER known she was a damn prostitute! When I called my grandma to ask her why she ever let me watch this movie as a kid she simply said " you never asked what she did so I never told you it was fine"....thanks grandma.