Lazy lasagna garden, two months later

Remember my lazy version of the late to the game lasagna garden I created?

Well, it's been two months.  Nothing is really planted in it yet (soon.  I think.  I hope.), but the soil is absolutely gorgeous.  Black, full of worms, and healthy looking.  Luscious almost.  A girl could get spoiled by this kind of dirt.

Also, as you can see, I'm incredibly easy to buy a present for.  If it contains dirt, worms, or chicken poop, I'm a happy girl.

Yes, Troy is a lucky man.

Back in March, there was a part of the garden bed that I only covered in straw because a few tulips getting ready to bloom.  This is what the soil looks like now in that patch:

Here is the soil under the layers of cardboard, shredded paper, leaves, and straw looks like:

Um.  Yeah.

I am a believer in lasagna gardening.  Less than 45 minutes of work for amazing healthy soil?  I couldn't haul and spread bags of compost in 45 minutes and get those same results.

Next test?  If stuff will actually grow in it!  Stay tuned.  I know you're on the edge of your seat.

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