Meal plan for May 27th - June 1st

Troy and I had our big "date" night last night!  Jack stayed over at my sister's, and we cleaned out the garage.  We had estimated it would take about 2 hours, but we only got through part of it before we had to leave to go see Iron Man 3 in 3D.  #Priorities!

Part of the clean up was defrosting the freezer.  All the photos were taken with my phone and kind of downloaded weird.  You're welcome!


Canning and food storage before:

The canvas bags on the wall in the far left are bags from rice purchased at Costco.  I store my canning rings in there, and Troy put some hooks on the wall for hanging them.  They were totally in the way before.
Main storage area before:

Shelf before:

As Troy put it when we were done, now we have so much more room to do activities!  Next up is the removal of 409 gallons of paint and stain that my dad left on the shelves.  I think we're just going to dump it down the drain...ha ha kidding.  Troy will take it to the toxic chemical dump next time he is off.

This week I have no idea what we are having for dinner.  Go me!  I spent all my free time cleaning the garage and hanging out with my husband.  He left for work at 4 am this morning, and I've been cleaning uninterrupted, and baking a pie ever since.  I'm about to head to church by myself.  It will seem weird to go without a backpack full of bribes snacks and comic books.

I do know we have a quart of tortilla soup that I found in the frozen tundra that was the freezer, so we'll have that and quesadillas.  I'll also plan to make some buffalo chicken sandwiches, and probably a chicken pot pie tomorrow to use up the rest of the crust from the apple pie I made this morning.

Friday we're having friends over for homemade pizza, which pushes popcorn dinner to Saturday.  

Troy and I hit up Costco yesterday for some plastic storage bins, and I also got asparagus and organic strawberries at the same time.  So far, we've spent $15.79 on groceries.  I know I need onions and 1 yogurt to use as starter for the homemade stuff, and we'll get a half gallon of raw milk ($3.50) when Jack and I go shopping tomorrow.

What are you all having?

Oh, and I can't mention pie, without leaving you all with a little dessert!  This is for the few of you who are admirers of my husband's sexy calves.  LOL! 
Even blurry, they look good!