Sugar fast challenge

A few readers that follow me on Facebook have decided to join me in a one week sugar-free challenge.  Would you care to take part as well?

There are no rules; you can make it what you want.  It starts tomorrow, and I'll be done with mine  Monday morning, June 3rd.

You get to define sugar for yourself; I'm not going to put restrictions on you.  For me, it's no sweets (baked goods, candy, etc.), and no sugary beverages (lemonade, or the 1 Cherry Coke I drink a week). 

I usually have incredible self-control, and if I just want a bite of something, I eat it and I'm done.  However, for some unknown reason, the last three weeks I've been a sugar junky and I feel like a hot bag of crap with all of this in my system.

Drop a comment if you're going to participate!