I just care that you have a vagina

I work with someone who has an adult daughter.  The daughter had three boys in about four years (shoot me please).  She decided to have one more kid, and the ultrasound showed another boy.

Surprise, surprise, that little boy turned out to be a girl!  In the delivery room, after the fuss died down, my coworker's daughter stared at that little girl for hours.  It's reported that she said "I don't care if you have horrible teeth, we'll get you braces.  I don't care if you are ugly, I'll teach you how to put on make up.  Anything you don't like, I'll fix because I'm just so glad that you have a vagina".

Almost two years later, and the little girl's mother said she feels selfish because she loves her daughter's hair, and eye color, and wants them to stay as is.  She said she used to be so content just to have a daughter, and now she is being particular with the details.

When I started my blog, I just wanted to share some ideas with people to try to help them through the tough times we were going through.  I thought "if I can just help one person live well and simply, I'll be happy".

Then, I thought "hmmm, maybe I could make a little bit of money off of this" (please note, that decision was made after Troy got laid off for the third time in less than 12 months).

Then I thought "man, I'd love to reach a wider audience".

And recently?  I've had some conversations with God about where to take this blog.  It is a great outlet for me, and I love helping people and making a tiny bit of money, but I started to want more.

God seems to have listened and blessed me in a way that I could have never imagined just three years ago (THREE YEARS!).  At first, I didn't think it was real.  Later, after I had read the email for the fifth time, I threw up in my mouth a little bit, and then I did the Dance of Joy from Perfect Strangers (TGIF lives on.  Preach).

For you see my friends, I've been invited to be an unpaid blogger for Mother Earth News (pause for more  vomiting on my part)!  I honestly can't type that sentence without being giddy.  I've read Mother Earth News, aka the hippie bible, for years.  I've always respected their contributors and looked forward to my issue every few months.  To say I am honored to be a part of this organization would be like saying that Justin Beiber might be on some drugs.

My first post went up yesterday, and I'm stoke to share it with you all.  Happy reading!