Sugar fast/exercise challenge. Come jump off the deep end with me!

After being off of sugar for a week, and then going back to it, I can tell you I feel like crap.  I know Troy has a sugar problem, so he wants to do a one week fast, and I agreed to do one with him.  Well, technically his idea of a fast was like 12 hours, and he was not keen on a whole week, but I explained to him that half of a day wasn't really a decent fast.

I know I can do this, so to up the personal challenge, I'm going to start doing P-90x discs that I borrowed from my father-in-law.  I need to schedule all my posts now, as I have a feeling I won't be able to move my arms come Tuesday.

If anyone wants to join in with us, please leave a comment and let everyone know what you're going to be doing/giving up/etc.  As with any challenge I run, you set your own parameters.  I am giving up sweets, but this time I will get vanilla flavoring in my once a week decaff latte.  It's my one treat each week, and after drinking it unflavored last time, I realized coffee tastes like shit.  Also, this time I will allow myself my nightly glass of water kefir soda.  It has almost zero sugar in it after the grains do their work, and I just love that bit of sparkling goodness at the end of a long day.

We start Monday morning!