Review: The LA Shop

Recently I was contacted by The LA Shop asking if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their products.  I actually get quite a few of these requests a month, but usually turn them down because their products don't interest me, or I think you guys would be turned off by the product.

I looked through their website and saw some pretty cool things, and others that I could take or leave.  Then...then, I saw the Photo Cube Studio Light Tent Box:


Like many food bloggers, I like to take close up photos of dishes (close up means you can't see how messy my kitchen is!), and I like to use natural light.  However, I have the opposite problem that most natural light photographers have - I have TOO much natural light for half of the year.

My house is primarily windows, so it is lit up like a Christmas tree until 9 pm in summer.  The winter?  Well, it's dark before I get home from work.  In addition to crazy lighting, I also suck using my camera.  I've had it for three years, and just don't understand it.  I'm not artistic in the least; both Jack and Troy can take better photos without trying, than I can if I stage the shot and try to do a top-notch job.

To recap: I have light challenges, and I'm a photography moron.

Then the light cube came in to my home and helped this idiot out.
It all folds up for easy storage.  I can slide it right under my bed!
Here is where I take most of my photos:
Jack's plant from preschool
Here is what it would look like if I took a normal photo of this bowl of gleaned blackberries:

Yikes, too much white.  Everything in our (rental) house is white or beige which makes a lot of darker items super washed out.

So, normally I'd put a pretty napkin under the same bowl to try to temper down the wash out:


The light cube comes with cool little stand up lights (and extra bulbs!), two kinds of camera tripods, and three different colors of backdrops.

Here is the same bowl of blackberries with the red backdrop.

Hmmm...still too bright.

Here it is with the blue backdrop.  Getting better...

Then I propped up the bowl with the blue napkin to get a different angle. 

Bingo, I think this is the best I can do!  I'm sure someone who knows how to properly use a camera and stuff could do a bang up job with this shot, but this is my best work.

The good people at The LA Shop are offering you, dear readers a 10% discount of any of their products.  Enter "BLOGGER" in at checkout for the discount!