Homemade cloth gift wrap

This is a repost of a post that was within a post from last year.  Got that?  Good.  Now, please explain it to me.

Troy's family takes Christmas to a whole new level.  Picture an insanity filled present orgy.  Now multiply that by 1,480, and that is Troy's family's Christmas.  I can't keep up with all of those presents, so I don't even try. The ones who really get in to it, enjoy it, and we don't dare try to tell them otherwise.

Every year they fill multiple huge garbage bags with wrapping paper, and then in-between the present opening (it takes about 4 hours) and eating, the boys head out and burn all the wrapping paper.

Last year I decided that this year, I would try my best to not contribute to that burn pile.  Except for a very few presents, everything under our tree is wrapped in cloth bags.  I collected a yard here and a yard there over the year, and then went a little crazy when JoAnns had their 60% off snuggle flannel sale.  The cost and time involved will hopefully be just a one time thing, because I plan to collect these bags and reuse.

Here is how things will go:

Giftee: "Oh Sarah, thank you so much, I love this xyz!"
Me: "You're so welcome!  You can keep the bag if you want to."  That statement will be made in a way that it is very clear that I'll cut a bitch if they try to keep the bag.  Merry Christmas!

I know it seems like a big undertaking to make all the wrapping, and while it was time-consuming, it was much less painful than watching me wrap with paper.  My old roommate once watched me try to wrap Christmas presents.  After about 5 minutes, she said "do you want me to show you how to do that"?  I'm helpless with wrapping.  Cloth bags at least are stupidly easy.

1) Lay down some cloth after it has been doubled (folded in half), and put the present over it.  You're gauging how much fabric you need.

2) Cut a few inches or so past how much you think you'll need.

3) Find the part that will be the top of the bag.
The tip of the scissors is pointing to the top of the "bag".
4) Then fold a seam over where you've identified the top.  Pin.

5) Sew a simple hem.

6) Fold the bag in half so that the pretty side of the fabric is facing itself, and sew so that only the "top" of the bag isn't sewn together.  You're essentially making a pocket.

7) Fold it right-side out, and voila, a gift bag.

Tie a pretty bow, and decorate with a homemade gift tag.  We used a cut up grocery bag.  I made these snowmen, but only had the patience to make 8 of them.  We primarily used the "To: From" Sock Monkey Stamp from Red Heel Revue

I am so happy to have pretty wrapping that can be used year after year. 

Also, I'm happy that wrapping takes about 7 minutes now.  Seriously, me wrapping with paper is straight up ugly.  Watching me wrap a present would make you want to kick a small bunny.

Save the bunnies.  Make cloth wrapping.
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