Fun finds Friday

I'm nosey.

Just so you know.

I can't walk in to the living room if Troy is watching TV without saying "whatcha watching".  If I walk in to the middle of someones conversation at work, it's all I can do to not say "what are you guys talking about"?  I also want to know what people at work are having for lunch, and if they will talk to me long enough, I'll ask them what they plan to have for dinner too.

I'm nosey.

But I don't think I'm alone.  I think we all have an innate curiosity about what others like, don't like, and enjoy.

So?  So, today I'm sharing a few things I love with you.  Neat huh?  It doesn't satisfy my curiosity about what YOU like, but we'll have to save that for another day m'kay?

1) Printable Baby Stats Subway Wall Art
My friend Tara sells these on her Etsy shop, and they're so dang cute! She customizes them with your baby's stats, and emails the file to you for fast printing.  She did this one for Jack (middle and last name edited out for his privacy):


I love the Star Wars one:

and she does make ones for girls too:

I've known Tara for years, and her work is always top notch.  She designed my current blog layout!

2) Spry Shots
I received one of this woman's cards (the chicken of course) for my birthday, and let me tell you, it was so beautiful that it is still hanging up in my office to this day.
She sells the cards in packs of five, so the above photo shows all the photos that are available in one set.  She has many other packs, and they're all beautiful!

3) When I got my hair cut really short, my coworker told me I need to start wearing dangly earrings to show off my "sass".  I am verbally sassy, but I do not dress sassy.  I have rarely met a cardigan that I don't love.  I'm boring.

But...I had a old pair of dangly earrings in my drawer, and busted them out one day.  I got so many freaking compliments on them, that I wore them the next day, and the next day.  So, being the vain creature that I am, I kept wearing them.  And the compliments kept coming!

I need some new earrings though, and because I am in love with handmade, I've been perusing etsy.  Loving all these:

a) Doctorgus

b) Decorate the Diva

c) Les Creations d Ana

4) I have the delightful sign below (but mine is blue) from Bainbridge Farm Goods.  I love it!
The signs are made right here in the Puget Sound on metal.  That's right...made in the USA!

5) I would love to tear down our existing heat-sucking fireplace, and replace it with a Vermont baking woodstove.  But that of course would require a buttload of money, and last time I checked, I'm not pooping cash.

Disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for these links.  Tara sent me Jack's sign because we're buddies, and then I asked her if I could share her work.  Now, if the Vermont stove people wanted to send me one, I wouldn't turn it down.  Just like I wouldn't kick Daniel Craig out of my bed should he happen to find himself in it.