It's on like Donkey Kong - the garden plan for 2014

The temps are in the teens tonight, and only getting colder this week.  The wind is whipping off of Puget Sound, and I am freezing my balls off.  Naturally, this is the week to start seeds, because why not?

I am trying really hard to not buy seeds this year, but as always, that will be a colossal failure.  A girl can dream, pretend, and be in complete denial, right?  Most of my seeds are from last year and are from various sources, mainly Territorial Seeds and from various boxes I've received from Homegrown Collective.

We are adding three new mini drawf trees from Raintree Nursery to our micro farm this year.
Akane (I got this one two years ago)
Ashmead's Kernel Apple
Beni Shogun Apple
Red Boskoop Apple 

Speedy (bush bean)
Malibu (pole bean)

Bulls Blood

Brussels Sprouts

Quick start

Nelson Hybrid
Bolero Hybrid

General Lee Hybrid
Homemade pickles (hmmm...wonder what I'm making with these?)
Double Yield
Diamant Hybrid pickling cuke

Greek Oregano (from Homegrown Collective)
Purple Coneflower (from Homegrown Collective)
Thyme (from Homegrown Collective)
St. John's Wort (from Homegrown Collective)
Profumo Basil

Killarney Red Hardneck (this is the third year I've grown it.  Good investment of $16 for seed garlic in 2011).  Sadly, I don't have nearly enough leftover in storage from last year to last until August.  Truly tragic.

Captivator - this was a freebie from Raintree Nursery, and I have zero idea how to grow it.  Perfect!

Nero Di Toscana.  My fav!

Crisp mint
Little Gem

Onions (I've never grown them before.  Should be exciting)
Copra Hybrid storage onion

Cobham Improved Marrow

Oregon Sugar Pod II (I assume a vast improvement from pod I?)
Sugar Sprint
Super Sugar Snap (oddly enough I have two packages of this.  You think I'd stop with one...)

Potatoes (all saved from last year's crop.  Go me)
Yukon Gold
Rio Grande

Small sugar.  This is my third year growing this, and it's always been a great grower.

Easter Egg II
Cherry Belle


Squash - summer
Black Beauty zucchini
Patio Star hybrid zucchini

Squash - winter
Vegetable spaghetti

I am getting a pack of 25 roots from Raintree Nursery.  I don't remember what they are, but they were free with an order of apple trees.  Troy is going to build me a strawberry tower from some old pallets, because yo we're going vertical up in here.  Our space is so limited, that I can't continue to expand horizontally.

Gill's All-Purpose
San Marzano
Principe Borghese
Flamme (I buy this as a seedling from a woman at my farmer's market.  It's my favorite!)

I am both excited and already overwhelmed with the thought of this year's garden.  It's hard to work full-time and be gone 50 hours a week and do things successfully, so I settle for doing my best and letting the rest go to pot.

What are you growing this year?  What are you most excited about?

Due to some requests for photos of my garden, I would suggest looking here, here, here, and here.   I don't have any idea of the square footage of my garden, but it ain't big.  We live on less than 1/5th of an acre, and only a tiny portion is usable.  When we moved in, there were many ornamental plans, that I promptly pulled out and replaced with edibles.  A friend was recently visiting, and when she saw my "garden" area, she said "wow, it looks so much bigger on your blog".  So it's tiny, pretty tiny.