Make your own brown sugar in 5 minutes or less

I started making my own because I couldn't find organic brown sugar that didn't drain Jack's college fund. I like to bake. A lot. So, I was buying the C&H stuff at Costco and it was $4.39 for 4 lbs. Decently priced, but I really wanted to try to find a better solution. And I did.

It's easier and cheaper than you think.  Make it at home and impress your friends!  And if you use blackstrap molasses, it adds (delicious) iron to your diet.
1) Gather your ingredients (I totally cleaned the stacks of junk off of my counter for this photo.  You're welcome):

2) Add to a mixer (or mix by hand):

3) It takes 4 minutes in my Kitchen Aid to turn in to this (with stopping 2 minutes in to scrap the bowl):

Let's run the numbers!
*This is potentially some fuzzy math because it's somewhat hard to convert cups to pounds.  And my Bachelors degree is in Criminal Justice and Political Science, so I was more focused on the humanities and social sciences classes during college.  Sue me.  Or don' Crm-J degree will take you down!

10 lbs Organic evaporated cane juice from Costco - $8.69
     2 cups of sugar equals approximately 1 pound, which makes it $.869 per pound.  Would you believe I   
     actually busted out the calculator to figure that out.  :head desk:

     I use 3 cups of sugar to fill my brown sugar jar (that sounds pervy), so $.869 x 1.5 = $1.3035
16 oz of Organic blackstrap molasses - $5.69
     1 fluid tblsp = .5 oz
     16 oz = 32 tblsps
     $5.69/32 = $.117 per oz
     I use 3 tblsp of molasses for my recipe, so 3 x .117 = $.53

So, my 3 cups (1.5 lbs) of organic homemade brown sugar comes out to $1.84 or $1.22 per pound.
The non-organic stuff I was buying at Costco was actually cheaper at $1.09 a pound.  But, compare it to $6.50 (on sale) for 2 pounds of organic brown sugar, and I'm saving about $.40 a pound.  That's not "gettin' rich" money, but it something; especially considering how much I like to bake.

But more than anything, I will never run out of brown sugar because I always have regular sugar and molasses in my house.  Additionally, I'm not going through plastic packaging every 6 weeks buying more brown sugar.

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