Extending the holiday joy all year long

It is said that Christmas cards account for almost a quarter of a million of paper waste each year.  Yowzer.

We adore receiving holidays cards from people that we love, and feel honored that people think to include us in their holiday wishes.  So to extend the life of the paper, I have a wonderful tip to share with you courtesy of my former boss' family.

They keep holiday cards in a basket on their dining room table year round.  They're a religious family and say prayers each night before dinner (supper if you're in the midwest).  Every few nights, they select a card from the basket and talk about the people who sent them that card.  They talk about what that person/family means to their family, and they say a prayer that the card sender is having a good year.

What a great way to keep family and friends in their thoughts and prayers all year long.  It turns a simple holiday card in to a tool to send a loved one blessings until the next card arrives in the mail.