Simple. Frugal. Playful.

Jack is an incredibly spoiled little ducky.  Between two grandmas, a great aunt, and a godmother who love to buy him toys, gadgets, and stuff, we are overflowing with things to play with, things to "do", etc.  Troy and I buy him maybe two toys a year - he is simply overly-blessed with stuff.

But don't think for a minute that we're not grateful that Jack receives these toys.  They are given out of love, and Jack definitely plays with them and loves them very much!

And yet, like all children, Jack spends the majority of his time playing with the box that the toys came in.  The act of ignoring the new shiny item and showing preference to a simple cardboard container could teach all of us adults a thing or two.

Jack was sick last Friday, and he and I stayed home to chill and recuperate.
Sick little monkey
I was surprised when we were home that he requested a trip to the toy store.  I believe he was surprised with my alternative.  I think we were both surprised that we then spent the next hour playing a game that has been christened "marble balls".

Such a simple lesson from someone 1/10th my age - slow down, be creative, and have fun.

And as always, clothes are optional.