How to section a grapefruit and a new label

I've added the label "useless information" just for post topics like this.

Ever seen a recipe or dish with sectioned citrus and thought "recipe looks yummy, but how in the hell do you section an orange or grapefruit"?  No?  Ok, well, pretend you did and now I'm about to save the day and show you how to do it!  Aren't you so thankful for my blog? :insert eye roll here:

1) First, slice the top and bottom off of your grapefruit
2) Then, position the knife next to the pith and make a slice to the bottom following the shape of the rind.  Trim the whole fruit.
I have man hands.  I know.  You don't even have to mention it.  They're also scarred a bit red from a gas oven explosion in 2005.  That is another story for another day though.
3) Hold the grapefruit in your hand, and position the knife on one side of the section.  Make a slice downward.
Repeat on the other side of the section, popping the section out.

Continue with step 3 for the whole grapefruit.
I like to slice up a bunch of these and store them in the fridge for quick additions to packed lunches, and/or snacks.  And then my gorilla mitts and I enjoy eating them throughout the week.

Now that you have a great snack on hand, what about the huge amount of discarded citrus rinds?  Simple!  Pack them in a glass jar, and cover them with vinegar.  After a month, strain them twice and now you have a wonderful grapefruit-scented cleaning agent.  <------ stole that tip from Pintrest.

I've shared this over at Simple Lives Thursday, and It's a Keeper.
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