Meal plan for February 6th - 12th

Happy Super Bowl!  I'm about to eat an insane amount of appetizers in just a few minutes.  We're hosting Super Bowl at our house today, and my sister had the idea that everyone brings a few appetizers.  Yum!

I made mini taco bowls with Yumm sauce, buffalo chicken dip with veggies, and sliced fruit with a healthified fruit dip.  I can't wait to see/devour what everyone else is bringing!

A girl and her family can't live on appetizers alone, so here is what we will be putting in our pie holes this week.

Monday: home canned tomato soup, quesadillas, and fruit

Tuesday:: Yumm bowls!  Recipes coming soon

Wednesday:: I'm working late.  Jack will eat at my aunt's.  I'll have eggs or some chili from the freezer.

Thursday:: Yakisoba

Friday:: Reubens, sweet potato fries, brussels sprouts, and home canned pears

Saturday:: new soup recipe - crock pot pasta fagioli, and dutch oven bread

Sunday:: dinner at my parents.

I spent $100 at Costco this week, and $39.78 at the grocery store.  My grocery store order would have been much cheaper but the bulk spice section was picked clean and I had to purchase actual jars of spices.  Pfft!
Not my healthiest purchase ever, but those chips are crazy good.
How about you?  What are you guys eating this week?