No spend month - March challenge

Hello all!  Today I'm talking about a No Spend challenge for the month of March.

Why March?  Well, Troy will be out of work for three months for unpaid training starting at the end of February.  :throws confetti in the air:  Good times, right?

I've never really done a "no spend" challenge before, and I thought it might be a great way to kick off the start of a very very very lean three months for us.

If you're interested in playing along, let's discuss the details!

The Rules - well...there aren't any!  This challenge can be what you make it.  I'm not here to police you or tell you want to do or what not to do with your money.

If you're interested, here is what I'm thinking:
1) I'm containing my spending to groceries and gas only.  Gas is going to be a huge portion of our budget as Troy is going to be commuting quite a bit.
2) Obviously doctor's visits, medicines, and emergencies are exempt.
3) I'm going to try to stick to $160 for groceries from the grocery store, $60 for my local butcher, $15 for raw milk, and $15 for local eggs.

So, do you want to join in with me?  There are no prizes other than hopefully more money at the end of the month!  If you think you're up for this challenge, let me know what you're thinking in terms of your "guidelines".