No spend March - week 4 update

This week was decent.  Not great, but decent!

I forgot that last week I spent $4.72 as part of a group gift sending flowers to a friend.
This week Troy spent $33.15 on crap - pure crap.  Buying gross food for a study session (when had I known about it in advance, I could have just made something), buying dinner at a teriyaki place that was so nasty that there was a sign in the bathroom saying not to put toilet paper in the toilet.  So yeah...

He carpools with a group of guys to training, so when they go out to dinner, he's kind of trapped.  For the record he said the dinner was delicious.  For the record, I slept on the couch that night to avoid the invasion of the cockroaches that I assumed would be bursting forth from his stomach.

I spent $24.98 at Lowes this past weekend, but I'm not counting it because I used cash that I set aside each month for my gardening fund.  I bought compost and pea gravel for our new raspberry patch.  Check back tomorrow for more details!

So, let's call it "$37.87" spent this week.