Pardon me while I make out with a plate of mashed potatoes.

Back when we lived in Los Angeles, I headed up recruiting MBA candidates to join our firm.  Part of the recruiting included throwing these crazy $60k weekends with wining and dining and general indulgence. 

Saturday night during the big weekend included a huge expensive dinner followed up by limo rides to some club that was featured in the previous week's episode of The Hills.  Given that I don't drink, and generally liked to go to bed at say 9:30 pm, Saturday nights were torture for me.  I usually ended up being in charge of "skank patrol" at the clubs - keeping slutty chicks and their lower back tattoos away from our bottle service.

I led a charmed life.

Anyhoo, the best part of Saturday night was a dinner at Asia da Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.  It was a big family style dinner with over-priced but delicious food.  The highlight of the dinner was Asia da Cuba's "wasabi mashed potatoes".

And you know what?

I cloned those mo'fos last weekend.

Yes I did!

Knock-off Fancy Pants Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
2 tblsp cream cheese
2 tblsp butter
1 tsp wasabi paste
Half and half or cream

1) In a large pot, boil quartered organic potatoes.

2) Using a ricer, and following these directions, and "rice" the mashed potatoes.

3) In a bowl, add 2 tblsp of cream cheese, 2 tblsp butter, and the 1 tsp of wasabi paste.  Stir to combine.

4) Add the half and half or cream if the potatoes seem a bit dry.

Serve with anything that needs a delicious side dish.  Or just sit on the floor of your kitchen and eat the whole bowl with a spatula.  No judgement if option #2 tickles your fancy.

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