A few changes are a'comin

Morning!  I wanted to let everyone know that there will be some changes come to this blog next week (god willing).

Back in February, I contacted a friend about the possibility of updating/redoing my blog.  I wanted something that organized my recipes in a bit more user-friendly format, and had a "fresher" layout.  It's been a work in progress for awhile now, and I think it's finally ready to go live at some point next week.

So, you'll see a new format, bigger pictures (my shitty photography seems to easier to stomach when large), and easier to find archived recipes and tips.  All that stuff is going to change and hopefully be better.

What won't change is that this blog will remain focused on the four F's:
I respect my roots yo.  And never fear dear reader, mentions of Sasquatches nutsack will as always remain a core theme in my posts.

My goal with this blog is still to show frugal living in style.  I remain committed to healthy and tasty recipes and to informing people about real food.  Minus snooty douchebagery.

I will continue to show that eating well on a budget while working outside of the home is possible for everyone.  But as always, there won't be any judgment from me on your lifestyle or your choices.

Please be patient while the kinks get worked out.  I really hope you like the new design as much as I do!  I believe the words "OMG, I'm so excited I just shit myself" went in to an email to my friend Tara when she showed me the preview.  Tara is stupidly talented and I'm so grateful for her help with this project!