Monday tip of the week

Good morning, this morning's tip is brought to you in the name of efficiency and disaster planning.

The next time you have an empty juice container, milk jug, or other container that has a good lid on it, rinse it out, fill it with water, and store it in your freezer.  This of course works best if your freezer isn't full, so mom and dad, I am NOT talking to you.

A full freezer is a more efficient freezer because the motor doesn't has to work as hard to keep the contents frozen.  If your freezer isn't full of food, you can easily make it full of water jugs.  The bonus is you always have handy "ice packs" if you need to keep food frozen on the go.  Additionally, if your power goes out, your food will have "help" to keep it frozen longer.

Even better, should something happen to your water source (storm, emergency, zombies), you have jugs of clean drinking water on hand.

Should your freezer need more space for food, simply remove a jug, let it flaw, and then recycle it.