Let's talk sunscreen

I know there are a lot of people out there who claim that sunscreen will give you cancer.  The chemicals in it will seep in to your brain and you'll grow another uterus or something.

While some ingredients in some products may be sketchy, this much I know, me + no sunscreen will absolutely end in cancer.

In 2007, Troy and I went to London for a vacation (I found the world's cheapest tickets).  One day, we were on a bus with tinted windows.

I was wearing SPF 15.

It was March.

And I got a sunburn on my face.

So yeah, I'm pale.  And now, so is my kid.
Go outside without sunscreen?  That thought makes me cringe! (Photo by Jack)

My family has genetic disposition to cancers.  I like gardening.  I like being outside with my kid.  That means I wear sunscreen each and every day.  I don't care how much coconut oil you slather on your face, how much pastured meat you eat, whole grains you consume, cod liver oil you take, or spotted owl nutsack extract you swallow; when you're as pasty as me (and my spawn), you need extra protection.

And because I can't afford the super expensive and absolutely safe sunscreen, I do my best and I call it a day.  If you're curious about a product when (if) you're in the market for sunscreen, check out the skindeep database which is a free source that ranks products based on potentially harmful chemicals.  If you're curious, this is the one I'm using because it's cheap and readily available at Target (in the baby section).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be jumping from shade patch to shade patch on my way from the parking lot in to my office.