Oh praise Jesus, I'm done

It's only taken me about um FOREVER to do it, but I finally got it done.

What did I do?

I finally archived all my recipes in the "food" tab at the top of this page.  I've been working on this a little bit each night and I realized two things:

1) if this was a full-time job, I'd do WAY more stuff with this blog
2) I need to stop cooking because I have a shit ton of recipes.

Tonight Jack and Troy are having a "sleep party" (Troy has been gone for like 5 days and they wanted to have a sleep over tonight in Jack's room), and I have a quiet house.  Fueled by raw cheese and rosemary crackers and a Cadbury Creme egg that I hid in the freezer after Easter, I pulled through and finished that mo'fo.

I hope you like it.  If you don't, please don't tell me.  I'm out of creme eggs.