Happy Father's Day to my dad and Troy; two of the best guys I know!

I constantly tell Troy that he is a better father than I am a mother.  Jack and Troy are best buds, and can (and do) make anything fun!  I can't tell you how many times I've come home when they're having "boy day" and pretty much my entire house is a fort.  It's trashed, both boys are filthy, and absolutely nothing has been done.  But they're always so happy that I can't help but smile.  Thank you honey for being the best father in the world to our crazy little ninja.

As to my father, thank you for showing me how to be a real friend.  You always go above and beyond for anyone you love, and you show the world that great things are possible with caring and a huge heart.

One of my favorite stories about my father takes place when I was 9.  We were visiting my grandparents in Palm Springs, and went on a day trip to Universal Studies.  At the time, I desparately wanted to be an actress, and was always looking for my "big break".  When I found out that the Star Trek show was letting people act as characters for their next show, my dad stood outside in line with me for two hours in the hot sun.

When we finally got up there, they said that kids under 10 couldn't participate unless accompanied by an adult.  I know that was the absolute last thing he wanted to do, but he poured his 6 foot 8 inch frame in to an uniform made for someone no bigger than 5 foot 10 just so that I could be on stage for 5 minutes as a Stargate "commander".

Let's be clear, the ship was screwed from the start.  Piloted by a 9 year old and a giant?  Please.

Happy Father's Day to my pops and Jack's Poppy!

PS, this is random, but how freaking sexy are my husband's calves?  When we lived in LA, guys would ask him where he "had them done".  I always dared him to reply "my mom's uterus".