Taking a break to play catch up

Raise your hand if you thought that title meant I finally had a good recipe for homemade ketchup?  Sadly, I don't.  All attempts to date have tasted like a goat's nuts.

Anyhoo, I'm going to take a few days off this week to play catch up on some home items.  We have friends in town this weekend from South Africa, and I stayed up very late every night for the last few weeks trying to finish a quilt for our spare bed.  May I give you some advice?  When you're a baby sewer, trying to attempt a king-size quilt is shit ass crazy.

In addition to a lot of late nights recently, a very sad event happened to my dear friend last week.  Last Wednesday, her father passed away.  I was so sad for her and her family, that fart jokes and homemade cleaner posts just didn't seem appropriate.  Hence my radio silence since Wednesday.

On Friday, I did a same day trip down to Los Angeles to attend the funeral.  In this life, there is a time for budgets, and a time to to just be there to hold a friend's hand.  The trip culminated in a 20 hour day which has left me a little wiped.

I don't know what we're having for dinner this week, but I do know that at least one day involves ordering pizza.  Basically, I'm behind on everything and prepared for nothing!  I'm going to take a few days off to catch up on life, and then I'll be back!  Thanks for your patience, and I hope you have a fantastic week until we "meet" again.