Whatcha ya'll think of this idea?

Anyone here familiar with link parties?  It's where a blog/website "hosts" a party where other people can link up things from their blogs.  An example of it can be found here.  It's an awesome way for lots of people to see a shit ton of great posts in one place.

I've been kicking around the idea of hosting one weekly, but wanted to get your input before I shell out the money for the hosting fees.  Would you participate?  Would you be willing to link up?  I don't want to be the lame ass who is all alone at the party.  At least there will be some appetizers to munch one while I kill time.

If I move forward, I need a theme.  I'm thinking "mostly homemade Mondays" or something like that.  There are some natural food blogs that I enjoy, but their link parties are so strict "absolutely no store bought food in recipes that you're linking".  Yeah, cause I make olive oil at home...?  

The "party" could be for recipes, crafts, gardening stuff, etc.

The cost of the link party is nominal, but your participation will make it worth it!

So, you in?  No?  Yes?  Bueller?

PS, does anyone remember Jesse and the Rippers from Full House?

Yes I am sleep deprived.

Why do you ask?