Let the gluten-free games begin!

Or rather grain-free depending on how you're approaching this challenge.  We're not being sticklers for gluten say in like sauces, etc., but rather cutting most grains out of our diets until August 15th.  This will be more like a Paleo month for us.  One caveat is that we're going camping this week and I can't find gluten-free graham crackers, and my attempt to make some were a colossal failure.  We might end up eating conventional grahams because we honestly haven't had two family days back to back since 2010 and dammit, we want s'mores!  If we end up eating conventional ones, I'll add two extra days to our personal family challenge.

Ok, I mentioned potential prizes for people participating in this challenge.  The two companies I contacted never got back to me (lame), so I'll pony up your choice of prizes using Amazon giftcards I've earned using Swagbucks.  There are two prizes up for grabs:

1) Either two lucky readers will win one copy each of my favorite cookbook The Homemade Pantry


2) You can choose one of Jack's favorite books for your family story time, Press Here.

Both are great choices, but all too often I think that as parents, we don't do enough nice things for ourselves.  With that, I hope all both winners will choose the cookbook.  

To be considered for the prizes, here are the rules:

1) Leave your name and a way to contact you in the comments below.  If you don't have a Google account, you can still comment as "Anonymous" but please leave your first name and an email address so that I can contact you.  If you don't want your info left in the comments, email me.  Your names will be entered at the end of my list.  Winners will be drawn on August 16th using random.org.

2) Do the challenge with us, even if it's tailored a bit to your family needs.

Are you ready?  We are.  I think!  I'll be bringing you some fun recipes and "before" pictures throughout the next month.