Watermelon, lime, and honey popsicles

My little guy Jack loves fruit.  We call him a "fruitiarian".  Homeboy has consumed about 75% of the raspberry crop at my aunt and uncle's house. 
The one fruit he doesn't care for is melon - watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe are not welcome on his plate.  After taking one bite of these popsicles, he said "maybe I DO like watermelon mommy".

Watermelon, lime, and honey popsicles
1 small watermelon (those little "personal" size ones)
1/2 - 1 lime, juiced
3 tblsp honey, preferably organic, local, and raw

1) Cut your watermelon in to cubes, and put in a food processor or blender.  Don't worry about seeds at this point.

2) Juice your lime (this is one of my favorite kitchen products, and a previous giveaway), and add that to the food processor.
3) Add the honey.

4) Process until very liquidy.

5) Place a metal sieve over a bowl, and dump the contents of the food processor in to the sieve. 

Let drain for a bit, and then "force" the other juices out of the mixture using the back of a spoon or a spatula.
In hindsight, I should have processed this a bit more.

6) Pour your liquid in to popsicle molds.  These are the ones I have (I found them for dirt cheap at TJ Maxx), but you could also use plastic spoons in plastic glasses, or popsicle sticks if you have them handy.

These popsicles are sweet, not too sweet; just refreshing and perfect for a warm summer's day.  Jack always gets his popsicle in the bath tub after dinner.  I know, genius right?  The clean up is a snap.
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