Leaving on a jet plane, and the end of the gluten-free challenge

Jack and I are leaving today to go see my bestie/baby momma, and one of Jack's godmothers, the infamous Anne!  We'll be there for four days, and I'm pretty much peeing myself in excitement.

Also, today marks the end of the gluten-free challenge.  How did you do?  Did you stick with it?  I'm picturing the second we leave Troy will have a loaf of bread in each fist.  I don't have the final results of our personal challenge because Troy has been gone and we don't have a scale.  I'll post a wrap up next week at some point, but I'm super interested to hear how you did!

If you made it through, post a comment so that I can compare it to the original post for the drawings!  I'll do that next week when I'm back from vacation.