Meal plan for August 6th - 12th

The PNW finally got some heat this weekend.  In the process of 48 hours, my pumpkin plant grew 6 inches.  SIX!!!!!  I finally had to water the plants, and I harvested my first cucumber.  Exciting times 'round these parts!

Here is what we're eating for dinner this week.  Reminder, breakfasts are smoothies or eggs, lunches are leftovers or salads.  Snacks vary.

Monday::  Grilled salmon, grilled zukes, coleslaw, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Burgers (we never had these last week), grilled zukes, slaw, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Bunless chicken hot dogs (Trader Joes nitrate-free), salad, and fruit.

Thursday:: Either our weekly popcorn night, or going to a free outdoor concert.

Friday:: Tacos (corn tortillas), Spanish rice, black beans in the crockpot, and fruit.

Saturday:: Smoked salmon Caesar salads, baked potatoes, and fruit.

Sunday:: Troy and I are going to a wedding.

This week I sent $16 at the fruit stand, $7 for raw milk, $38.72 and the grocery store, and an unknown amount at Costco (going later today, but I'm guessing $40 ish).

What are you having this week?