Meal plan for September 24th - 30th

I'm waiting for my last batch of pears to process in the canner (20 total quarts).  I'm beat, my back is sore, and I'm excited to go to sleep!  I did watch quite a bit of high-quality TV on my Hulu queue though.  Oh, and Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Prime.  Dude, episode 1?!  Who has seen it?  That's some fucked up shit right there!  Tigg's daughter?

Jack gets up at 6 am, so I'd like to go the heck to sleep.  Church is going to be super fun.  I'm picturing myself passing out during the sermon, and waking up snorting "I love Jesus" when the choir starts, all while wiping the drool from my chin.  I'll need to stuff the offering box just a little bit more to make up for it.

Saturday was a bit busy with a trip to the post office (Elaina, your birthday present is on the way...a week late.  Go me.), a trip to a cousin's house to finally meet her new baby (I was sick for 2 weeks) and teach her a little bit about baby wearing.  Then off to my parent's to hang out and help out.  And by help out, I mean completely plug their garbage disposal and sink with macaroni noodles.  Go me. Part II.  Right as I was about to serve Jack some Trader Joe's mac and cheese, I saw that the box had a pull by date of MARCH 2008.  My parents are a bit hoardy.  I threw it in the sink, and plugged everything in the process.

A quick look at Youtube, and I was clearing the "J trap" and flushing the sink out in no time.  I'm not gonna lie...I was pretty impressed with myself.  PS, did you know that Lowes has their own You Tube channel?

After that, we hit up Goodwill (kid's books, an fabulous Spiderman puffy vest for the lad, and 8 canning jars), and then the grocery store for the week.  Here is what my family will be chowing on this week:

Monday:: eating dinner at my in-law's.  It's Jack's first night of soccer, and the practice field is right by their house.

Tuesday:: mac and cheese (this didn't get made last week because um, I forgot to buy the whole wheat organic elbow noodles.  doh), salad, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Sandwich wraps, Pop Chips, and fruit.  Soccer practice night.

Thursday:: Salmon cakes, grilled zukes, and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner.  Love popcorn for dinner!

Saturday:: It is my mother-in-law's birthday and we're having all of her favorites.  Speaking of which, does anyone have a great recipe for gravy?  Never made it before.

Sunday:: My parent's for family dinner.

I spent $30 at the grocery store, and will be buying $3.50 worth (half gallon) of raw milk tomorrow at our local farm.

The timer went off, and I'm hearing the lids on the jars already on the counter starting to "pop".  That is my cue, night all!