My Jesus rubbed off!

If you read my meal plan post this morning, you saw that I was tired and worried that I would fall asleep in church this morning.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Our pastor does a children's sermon before the main sermon, and all the kids go up front for a quick 4 minute lesson.  The pastor usually puts a "surprise" in a box, and part of me is always thinking of Brad Pitt yelling "what's in the box man, what's in the box".  Seven reference anyone? 


Moving on.

Anyhoo, this morning, the pastor showed the kids a new prayer corner we have, and showed them a little bowl of water where they could put the sign of a cross on their forehead.  We're Lutheran and this is kind of new for us.  Don't spring surprises on Norwegians buddy!  He dipped his finger in the water and put the sign of the cross on many of the kids near him, one of them being Jack.

They headed back to the front, and the pastor continued with his kid's message.  Suddenly, Jack yells "excuse me please" (hey, if your kid is going to interrupt everyone in church, at least he is polite!), "I need some more (pointing to the bowl of water), my Jesus rubbed off".

Let's just say that 90% of the people in the congregation wet their pants.  I being one of them.